Not Target. They have cool lights that help brand and save money.

What image is projected by your company’s normal operations? While wandering through a Target recently, I was pleased to see that the lights in the refrigerated food cases (it’s a big Target) snapped on as I approached them.  They really do care about the environment was the message I took away.  A few seconds later, I wondered how much money this move was saving the company.

The Department of Energy says electricity costs for US commercial customers in January was 9.58 cents per kilowatt hour. In an article covering the change just last month, LEDs Magazine writes that Target is replacing the lights in 500 stores.   The article also says that Target expects to save 15 million kilowatt hours by making the move. Now Target may pay less for its electricity, but just using the average, I already did the math for you.  If the average holds, Target will save over $1.4 million dollars every year once the retrofit is paid for.

Think about things this way:  Target impressed me and burnished its brand by demonstrating the company cares about the environment.  Then they impressed as a businessperson by saving a lot of money in the process.  And they impressed me as a geek because it was cool to watch the lights come on as I walked down the aisle. What is your small business doing today to create a “Wow, that’s cool!” moment that coincidentally saves money?