SPOTLIGHT: Search Engine Share, Pinterest Trends

You know Google controls North American search engine market share. Yahoo! and Bing combine for more than half of Google’s share. Don’t ignore them. Even Ask had 500 million searches between Nov 1 and Dec 31. 
Meet Facebook Sports Stadium.

The social media giant promises to provide live scores, statistics, and play-by-play information. They will mix that with posts from sports journalists and the teams.  So far it sounds like ESPN, right?

They will do all this with posts and comments from your friends made directly in Facebook. And you access the center by searching for the game inside Facebook.

Just in time for March Madness too. 

The feature is only available on Facebook using an iPhone in the U.S. and will spread to other devices.

Pinterest calls its recent blog post their “battle of the sexes“. 

A better phrase might be a treasure trove of marketing information even if you and your organization have no interest in using the social media site. 

Included are lists for top topics among males, females, and a list for both. There is a lot of good trending topic information in this post, including minimalism in both food and travel, men’s luxury accessories including pocket squares and watches, and women on apparel, budget travel and more minimalism.

Google paid Apple ONE BILLION DOLLARS in 2014–allegedly to be the default search engine on iPhones and iPads. Why should you care? Because it shows a substantial marketing deal between the two continues to exist. The deal was detailed in another case’s testimony and has since been sealed.

And the Apple CEO’s criticism of Google ad model? Hard to consider it anything but bluster when Apple took that much money using the same model.

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