SPOTLIGHT: Google Ranking Order Undergoes Massive Shift

google ranking
This may be the best insight about Google’s update published in the last week. The complete answer isn’t here, but the author makes a compelling point about “brand-based” keywords for Google ranking.
Yahoo! announced it released search data for 20 million “anonymized” users for academic purposes. AOL did EXACTLY the same thing in 2006. It took the New York Times less than one week to begin to identify individuals from their searches.
Advertising spending on Facebook increased 11 percent in the fourth quarter. Why? Because they work. The “click rate” of those ads has reached a Google-like level, making the ads more profitable. 
So how would you like to tweak some of the types of ads you see on Facebook?  Have a look at this easy-to-use guide on changing Facebook advertising choices by Kristen Goldel of Search Engine People.

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