SPOTLIGHT: Panda Update Begins, Amazon Drive-Thrus


Google is launching its new “Panda” update now over the coming weeks. Search results will change. And the search giant is showing a lot of information to you about what it knows about your location if you use its location services. Amazon continues trying new things including a grocery service where you pick up your shopped order. And the Emmy nominees for Best Commercial are out–all on one page for easy viewing.

And that is what you need to know for this week without the hype.


Major Google Update Rolling Out Now Over “A Few Months”

That’s what Googler Gary Ilyes confirmed to Search Engine Roundtable this week. Gary says that when done, 2%-3% of ALL search queries will be affected.

Google Knows Where You've Been & How Long You Were There
Google Knows Where You’ve Been & How Long You Were There

Have an Android phone with location services turned on? Google will show you a timeline of everywhere you were, matched with pictures you took along the way. It’s fun, frightening or both. But you can only see yours. Unless you’re the NSA.

Amazon Groceries: Order online, Pickup at the store

Amazon will be testing a grocery store pick up location in tech-heavy Sunnyvale, CA according to the San Jose Business Journal. It’s the latest Amazon move off-line.

Google Is Now Rolling Out A New Interface For Hotel Finder

Google confirms they are rolling out a new Hotel Finder Search interface in the local results this week. Their stated mission: catalog all of the world’s information. Not a good day for lodging search websites.


The Six Commercials Nominated for an Emmy this Year
The Six Commercials Nominated for an Emmy this Year

Not Ad of the Week. Relive 6 ads of the week on one page. We’re pulling for “Like A Girl”.

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