SPOTLIGHT: ICANN Domain Privacy, Google Algo Change


Google announces another search engine change is imminent while also improving its free spreadsheet product. There is also big new and a lot of angst about commercial websites being required to identify a person who is the “registrant” of the domain. Millions of domains currently hide this information.

And that is what you need to know for this week without the hype.

News You Should Know

Google Panda Will Be Updated in 2-4 Weeks
Google Panda Will Be Updated in 2-4 Weeks

BIG Google news. An update to its “Panda” algorithm will shake up rankings in the next 2-4 weeks. It’s Google’s 3rd major update in 3 months.

Domain Privacy May Soon Become a Thing of the Past?

If you’ve registered any Web domains for your small business, there’s a potential privacy issue. You may be required to identify a registered agent by name. That may not be bad, but it’s different.

Google Sheets Update Again

Google Sheets Update Again

New charting and pivot table functions bring the free Google Sheets even closer to Excel’s most powerful functions.

Ad of the Week

Man Incredibly Plays 25 Jingles on Piano Using the Products They Advertised | Adweek

Love ’em or hate ’em, jingles are effective for recall. In fact, I bet you can recall all 25 of the popular jingles that YouTube artist Grant Woolard has collaged together into this impressive earworm.


Food Pantry Provides More Than 100 Bags of Food, Assisted by Adults with Disabilities at SPARC

Food Pantry Provides More Than 100 Bags of Food, Assisted by Adults with Disabilities at SPARC

Our friends at St. Anne’s in Reston provided hungry people with more than 100 bags of groceriers Thursday. Our other friends at SPARC, the organization helping adult with disabilities, helped sort and re-bag the food into individual portions. We love when our friends work together.

App of the Week

Start.Me – Customizable start page

I’ve tried so many of this program’s paid and free competitors. I may not use everything it offers, but I love what I do use. I’ve even moved my bookmark there.

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