SPOTLIGHT: FTC Ad Guidance, 1 Billion PC’s Should Remove Oracle

The FTC is serious about online advertising. Several weeks after reaching out to the online marketing industry at a conference, an “Enforcement Policy Statement” about deceptively formatted advertisements was published December 22.

Talk with your agency and make sure they can tell you what it means. If you don’t have an agency and still have questions, click the “Write George” button below.

If you use Google’s Search Console (once called Webmaster Tools), your data may have changed. Google says they have updated how they analyze web search logs.

What it means for you:the number of clicks and impressions may be higher. If your data beginning two weeks ago looks very different than what you expected, you’ll want to start analyzing the changes here.

The FTC busted LifeLock in December and now it’s added an Oracle pelt to its trophy case. Without admitting fault, wrongdoing, or paying a fine, the computer giant will have to inform the owners of 850 million computers that the Java SE software on their computer is “outdated and insecure“.

And they have to help people remove the software. The FTC suggeststs people start at this location:

Geico’s “Moversations” ad campaign is garnering a lot of praise thanks to actress Cindy Drummond. You can see them all at AdWeek.

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