SPOTLIGHT: Cyber Monday 2015, FTC Disclosure Guidance


  • It’s Cyber Monday. Early reports state that traditional retail had a soft Black Friday despite expanding sale hours.
  • A Korean company called Vonvon launched a number of Facebook quizzes. 17 million people took one of them and gave the company almost all of the info they had put on Facebook–even if blocked.
  • The FTC gives great advice on social media disclosures your company must make online.

New Marketing Fact
Shopping-related searches increased 120% on mobile devices year-over-year according to Google.

And that is what you need to know for this week without the hype.

News You Should Know

Black Friday store sales fall as Americans buy more online

Estimates are a more than 9% decrease in bricks-and-mortar retail.

That “most used words” Facebook quiz is a privacy nightmare

That “most used words” Facebook quiz is a privacy nightmare

Over 16 million people have agreed to give up almost every private detail about themselves to a company they likely know nothing about just to play a quiz.

How Social Marketers Can Stay On The FTC’s Good Side

If your organization promotes things on social media then you need to read SEO godfather Danny Sullivan interviewing FTC’s Mary Engle about disclosure. Really. Read it.

Tech in our Lives

Female Meterologists Swarm $23 Dress They Then Wear On Air

Have a look at how word-of-mouth on social media can influence sales. Did you spot one of your weather people?

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