SPOTLIGHT: Google Search Quality Guidelines, Google+ Redesign


What is with the all-Google newsletter?

This is a very light time of year for the digital marketing world. Cyber Monday is a week away, and we’re all watching and remaining ready to react to shifts. There’s always one major shopping surprise.

But Google took advantage of the slow time to release a huge quality document it gives its search raters, re-launched Google+, and rolled out a nifty new feature for users of Google Photos.

If you think Google is influential in the US, where it holds about 2/3 of all search traffic, the company has 97 percent market share in Belgium, France, and Finland and 90 percent across Europe.

And that is what you need to know for this week without the hype. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll be back bright and early on Cyber Monday!

News You Should Know

Google Releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Google Releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Many search agencies (including us) had seen this 160 page document with links and illustrations on every page. Google made it public so organizations not complying do so at their own peril.

Google Redesigns Google+

Google Redesigns Google+

Google+ has a new look that is centered around communities and “collections” (think Pinterest), but reviews are underwhelming across the marketing sphere. You can preview the new look by logging out and logging back in.

Google Photos Can Now Free Up Space on Your Phone

Google Photos Can Now Free Up Space on Your Phone

Google Photos has a new feature that will let you bulk delete photos and videos already stored online.

Tech in our Lives

The 20 Most Viral Ads of 2015

Total sharing of the top 20 ads: 40.2 million times. See all 20 at the AdWeek article on this link.

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