SPOTLIGHT: Google Penguin Delayed, Bing Top Searches


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George Bounacos

This week’s major issues:

  • Google postpones the Penguin update…again
  • Facebook is testing direct sales of concert tickets
  • Bing’s top searches of 2015 are in and fun to review (really!)
  • Google Shopping new rules go into effect in about 60 days.
Google confirms to “Search Engine Land”  that its Penguin update will not be released in 2015. That means it will be at least 14 months before sites penalized by Penguin have a chance at a full recovery. 
Bing announced its top searches of 2015 but with a nicely designed twist that makes browsing the data an interactive joy.

These things are often tables of data, but Bing pulled out all the stops this year.

On the heels of its new shopping initiative, Facebook confirmed to BuzzFeed (really) a test directly selling concert tickets.
Google Shopping’s new poicies take effect in February.If your organization sells items on Google’s Shopping platform, have a look at the changes.

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  • Nikolay Stoyanov

    Nikolay Stoyanov


    We will have to wait for at least one month until Penguin rolls out. At least, this is my presumption.

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