SPOTLIGHT 151: Mobile Marketing Insight, Facebook is Mostly Moblile

mobile marketing
Mobile marketing Charts put together a very important chart for anyone who sells products or services online. Of 1.6 billion users active in a month, more than 800 million accessed Facebook only using mobile. Your content and advertising must reflect this new reality.
mobile marketing
You may have heard that the growth in paid search advertising is slowing. Kinda.

The growth rate in paid search is slowing but is quickly being replaced by growth in mobile search. Adobe has all the data in an article examining the trend. If reading about marketing mix is your thing or you like numbers, you’ll love this article. 

mobile marketing
Alan O’Rourke is the Marketing Director at WorkCompass, an HR firm in Ireland, and just wrote one of the best content marketing pieces I’ve ever read. It comes complete with a workplan and yummy infographics. 


mobile marketing
LinkedIn annoucned its ad network is going away after disappointing result. The professional networking site is going all-in on “sponsored content”, what the industry calls “native advertising”? You may have called this content advetorials or placements. Bottom line: stuff that promotes something to look like an ad. It’s the hottest marketing medium now and even news organizations are involved.

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