SPOTLIGHT: Where People Open Email , Micro-Moments

10 Second Takeaway:Search marketers are going to talk about micro-moments for the next year. It’s that point when someone has an immediate information need. It’s served on mobile.
Only 32% of email is opened on a desktop computer says email company Movable Ink. More email is opened on iPhones than on computers, the company’s latest report says.

Super-smart local marketer Greg Sterling wrote a nice analysis of the study. We share his bottom-line finding: marketing emails (the kind reported on in this study and that you’re reading now) are likely now and more likely in the future to be read on smartphone.

Target calls it “new front door to the store”. Google says mobile “near me” searches grew 2.4X in the last year. And Google says 82% of shoppers use their phone in a store. 

The good news: those people spend more. Google does a nice writeup on 5 Ways Consumers Connect to Stores via Mobile at this article.

This is the type of display that shows on the right side of Google results when Google’s Knowledge Graph is available. In this case, people likely see this information when they type silver beacon marketing as their search phrase.

Word came out of Google this week that these cards are now editable by the organization. It’s a big and very welcome change to branding your organization online.

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