What’s The Current Status? Are You Utilizing Good Grammar?

Grammar killers can destroy a prospect’s impression of you or your organization.   If your boss is a strict grammarian, using the wrong words or punctuation can derail your career or plans.

Many people have pet peeves.  My own include the redundant career status and the word “utilize” when “use” is perfectly acceptable.  I once had a director-level employee who was incapable of knowing when to use an apostrophe. A simple find and replace doesn’t work in those cases, and I spent more than my share of time proofing his work that clients would see.

If grammar killers are harming you or a friend, head to Professor Paul Brians’ Common Errors in English site at Washington State University.  I keep the site in my bookmarks and refer to the free list every so often.  This is a tip I love sharing with folks.

Read the site now and add a bookmark for future reference.

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