Read It Later Saves Your Bookmarks Now

Small business owners are barraged with data.  Those who once worked in larger companies may find the incoming links, email and well meant suggestions difficult to keep up with since the entire support team is usually whittled down to those who don’t do support and do focus on revenue. Read It Later screenshot

Like many, I often found myself adding items to my bookmarks to look at “later”, a time which came rarely and resulted in me either forgetting why I bookmarked the page or in shuffling bookmarks into cascading folders so they were “organized”.

Tagging helped some, but the most disruptive change has been a great Firefox plugin called Read It Later. The bookmark fundamentally changes what is a bookmark and what is something to explore later and perhaps promote to bookmark or simply delete.

The “reading list” the plugin generates has a great built-in search function, tagging, syncing, offline reading and an RSS feed. My bookmarks are saved.  I’ve saved plenty of items to my reading list.   Every so often I flip through the oldest.   Two of dozens have made it to the bookmark list.  I forwarded a few more and deleted the rest. I can be a digital pack-rat, but Read It Later helps me declutter my bookmarks while changing the way I explore new sites.  For a free beta plugin, you can’t beat “changing the way you [to] explore new sites. Definitely take a look at this one.

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