Changing Addresses – Fast Friday Fact

If your small business is using a commercial company like The UPS Store or Mailboxes Etc. as a mailing address, you may be in for a big surprise when you move.

Those companies, any company that is not the US Postal Service, are known as Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies.  They may cater to small businesses, but the USPS requires they use the designation “PMB” for each box number because the beloved term “Post Office Box” is a registered trademark.  No one except the USPS can call their product a Post Office Box.

Things get even more complicated when your business moves to new offices.  If your previous address was at a CMRA, the company is not allowed to file a Change of Address form.  Notifying anyone who might be writing you is your responsibility because the USPS will not forward your mail.

Chances are good that you can arrange for mail forwarding from the company itself.  But beware — most of the CMRAs are run by franchisees who set their own rates.  Know before you go.  Sometimes it’s just easier to keep that service an extra few months.

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