Papa John Says Don’t Eat Too Many Slices – Fast Friday Fact

Papa John's Pizza
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Folks selling alcohol have toed an awkward line for years, encouraging at least one potential person in each social group to avoid their product.   Then they had to remind every customer to responsibly enjoy their product.

John Schnatter, who you may know better as Papa John of pizza chain fame, joined their ranks today.   Faced with an obseity epidemic and worldwide belief that his company’s core product was one reason, Schnatter spoke with conviction about how to enjoy pizza.

“You can’t eat five or six slices,” CNN quotes the pizza mogul as telling BBC’s Radio Four.

Papa John argued that one or two slices was healthy, a position nutrition site Calorie King might agree with.   Each slice of the chain’s original crust pizza has 300 calories, 39 carbohydrates and 11 grams of fat.  The especially bad thing:  salt.   Two slices contain more than 60% of the recommended daily sodium intake.

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