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We already use Google Docs for communicating with our clients because it’s a free, simple solution that just works.  Yes, we still have Microsoft Office, but a new version is coming and we already compatibility issues when people asked us to revert a spreadsheet one version back.  An elegant cross-platform solution like Google Docs makes us happy and hasn’t failed us yet in a variety of scenarios.

Now Google is adding even more to their online product suite with collaborative drawing.  What’s so cool about that?  It’s a Google Whiteboard! Being the person who once asked an engineer about the viability of marketing a desk made of whiteboard material that would not smear, this is a game changing event for me.

My partner Sara is in New York.  She’s the smart designer.  I just need to lay everything out visually.  Our clients are scattered all over.  Multiple clients are on the West Coast.  I don’t think either of us is within 20 miles of any of them and even visiting a “local” client takes up at least a half day. But now we can even invite clients into a brainstorming session.  Sara can put the designs and images in front of people and get immediate feedback.  And if I’m laying out a budget or an ad campaign, I can diagram AdWords Ad Groups. I can mindmap with my partner. How cool is that?  I can mindmap online, and it’s real-time and collaborative and free.  As a small business leader, what more could you ask for?

Google’s version of one type of diagram. Read more at their blog.

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