Finding Reporters Looking For You – Fast Friday Fact

Multiple people introduced me to Peter Shankman’s “Help A Reporter Out” (aka HARO) site and email list.  Now I’m doing the same for you because I send a client or a friend a lead from this list’s 40-60 daily requests each day.

Shankman, a PR expert, has built the list in 23,000 addresses and many of them appear actively engaged.  The main issue is to follow the rules, much like Fight Club.  I won’t repeat those rules here.   Pay attention to what the reporter wants and how they expect the information to be sent.   Enjoy Shankman’s witty introductions, and if you’re on Twitter, follow him there as @skydiver to learn about urgent requests.

A mix of blogs and major mainstream media make use of the service and if your expertise or experience matches their need, you can score some major publicity for your business.

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