Content Creation and Management Case Study

The owner of a content-driven website in a technical industry approached Silver Beacon Marketing with a unique situation.

Our traffic is great, but we know that we can get much, much more. We have people who read our site daily and others who use us to make huge buying decisions.  But there are many more people searching for data, and we don’t know how to reach them.  We have videos, active social media and a terrific reputation.  How do we move from the technical buyers to the tech-savvy buyers?

Analyzing How To Get New Visitors

We had previously worked on this website and knew their writers were among the best in the industry. The content they produced was so good that other websites throughout the world linked to them, the industry’s manufacturers monitored their work and a couple of million people visited each month through search engines.

Although clearly a champion of their industry, this website needed direction in finding a new audience who would appreciate their expertise.

Silver Beacon Marketing’s Solution:  Content Management & Marketing Constructs

Marketing construct example

To reach a tech-savvy audience who would appreciate the content on this site first meant understanding the audience.  That meant their ages, gender, education, likes and dislikes and enough factors to create a series of characters that represented them.  Marketers call these characters “constructs”. Silver Beacon often creates them when helping a client improve their existing audience engagement or to find new audiences.  Constructs are especially important when first creating a website because the text on the website should be written for people in the target audience. That allows a marketer to write about things that will interest the target audience.

As in every part of marketing, art and science blend together when creating constructs.  Some are so elaborate that the marketer creates a two or three page biography!

Writers construct new content that appeals to constructs like the portion of the  Debra construct shown here.  Even analogies and cultural references used when writing have a greater impact because they resonate with the audience.

If your organization had a large segment of Debras in its target audience, you would create products and services that appealed to them to ensure that your website addressed their likes and dislikes.  

With our constructs firmly in place for our client, we researched new content opportunities every week.  The information was gathered using software that analyzes stories appearing on sites like Google News and scores the subject matter and its growth potential.  With this data, we suggested the appropriate topics and keywords while also identifying competitors. We provided our client with this data each week before their editorial calendar was created.  Each article recommendation allowed the author to understand the reader in ways not possible before the technology we use was created.

Content Management Success

We could see new visitors come to the website and stay longer so we all knew the content management program was successful. Google validated our analysis with an email one Thursday evening.


Google email about traffic increase



This is not the first time we have seen emails like this, and if you have never seen one before, you should talk with us about content management and your website’s traffic.

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