Google Analytics Improves AdWords Reporting

Google’s quest to be the one stop shop for anyone advertising online takes another leap forward today. That’s because the company announced robust reporting changes in Google Analytics that intuitively define how AdWords campaigns are performing.

Without running highly detailed analyses, you’ll be able to click through the Google console and essentially cross-tab different advertising dimensions. Everything from day parting to the URL in placement advertising is now available in Analytics’ easy to use drill-drown menus.

The enhancements look like Google’s best improvements to Analytics in a long time.  The AdWords information that has appeared in Analytics for a while now seems rudimentary.  These bells and whistles are shiny and loud.;

As always, there are a couple of caveats.   The feature is rolling out to accounts over several weeks.  You may not have it yet or even for a while (that’s okay, there’s a nifty video below).   And if you’re working on a closed platform (some of Yahoo and GoDaddy’s site builders come to mind), you’re not going to be able to sneak Analytics code on there.

And, of course, the functions work best with aut0-tagging turned on.  If you’re running your own few campaigns, auto-tagging might work best for you.  If you’re using a third party tool, maybe not.  But if you’re using a third party tool, that shouldn’t bother you, right?

This is a nice step forward for Google Analytics. I’ll always recommend someone using Google Analytics also use something that provides clickstream data, but this extra layer of data is going to make small business PPC a lot easier to manage on accounts that use primarily Google AdWords and track their site on Google Analytics.  I like this move a lot.

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