WordPress 2.8 Upgrade Checklist – Fast Friday Fact(s)

Having spent a good part of the week upgrading blogs that could effectively use WordPress 2.8, there are a handful of things you should know before you click the handy “Upgrade Automatically” link:

1)  If your host is 1and1, you can find scads of articles and blogs about making that host more WordPress-friendly.  One of the best WP upgrade posts is here.

2)  All your plugins are belong to us.   Just deactivate them after you make the backup of the entire database that you’re going to make before you do anything else.  Deactivate, not delete.

3)  Remember to have your WordPress API key handy if you’re using Askimet or anything requiring the key.  The new core will overwrite your existing key.

4)  Same goes for whatever kind of admin password you created as well as your WordPress site password if you’re using any tracking or analytics there.

5)  Mom called.  She said not to forget to call your father Sunday.

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