SPOTLIGHT: YouTube Advertising, Amazon Lawsuit


  • Amazon found 1,000 fake reviewers by pretending to hire them. It’s a start but only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Want young viewers? Google says it can show you why you should shift 24% of your TV ad budget to YouTube
  • Want any visitors? More than half of all Google searches now occur on mobile, including in the US. That’s big for mobile, and important for you.

And that is what you need to know for this week without the hype.

News You Should Know

After undercover sting, Amazon files suit against over 1000 fake product reviews

The pay-for-reviews problem gets acted upon by Amazon. Forget their terms and conditions. Doing that can land you in hot water with the FTC too.

Google tells advertisers to shift TV money to YouTube

Google execs advised marketers to shift 24% of their TV budgets to YouTube if they want to reach a young audience.

More than half of all Google searches now happen on mobile devices

Mobile is NOT an afterthought. Your whole digital business relies on the experience you give users via mobile. More than half of worldwide searches (including the US) occur on mobile. Not. An. Afterthought.

Tech in our Lives

Holograms of Disabled People Appear If You Try to Park In Their Space

The word “hologram” wasn’t in regular conversation just a few years ago, but here’s how one campaign is warning off drivers without a special parking permit.

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