Online Intellectual Property Rights Are Important

Even Toddlers Know Not to Steal

We know we sometimes sound preachy about copyright.

Before technology changed, people copying art or photographs or writing were called thieves.

See? Being adamant about intellectual property rights is easy if you try.

Few of us are perfect or blameless. We’ve copied someone else’s work, even if only to email a photo to a friend. But who knows where that photographer’s work goes after that? And that’s one of the big issues that creative talents face.

We look at some developing stories in online marketing and intellectual property rights that surfaced this week. Protecting your organization’s rights and training your team so that they know you won’t tolerate their using someone else’s work is a good first step.

And you know those YouTube videos that have a line claiming that the copyright belongs to someone else? They’re just posting this for “entertainment” or some silly excuse? All that person did was admit to the artist’s attorney that they knew they were stealing. Don’t do that. Especially don’t do it at work.

We aren’t attorneys. The Silver Beacon family includes an award-winning photographer, and we have photography and book clients. And we know that most people are generally good and want to do the right thing.

Check with us if you need help or a good attorney referral.

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