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Since my blog “The Internet is one more reason to focus on Customer Service”, I have gotten a ton of emails and calls on this topic.The fact that I got emails and calls and not postings on this site highlight how many small businesspeople are uncomfortable with comments on the web. The most common question was, “So how do I get customers to leave feedback on the Internet?” It might sound hard – but it’s not. Try out these ideas:

  • Do you have a sign hanging up with a positive quote from a local newspaper or magazine? Well – right next to it post a sign with a positive quote from a review site – and include the web site name and URL. Most of your customers don’t have the ability to write newspaper reviews – but they can write Yelp reviews!
  • Next time your favorite customers visit, ask them to write a review for you! What’s the worst they can do – say “no” or say “yes” and then never write it. But if they say “yes” and do write it – that could be the cheapest advertising you will ever get! Hey, a maybe you give them a coupon – guilt them into writing!
  • Do you have comment cards that lie unused on a table somewhere? Update the cards and include the web site names and URLs for a few review sites.
  • On your web site – do you ask for comments or testimonials? If not, then start. Or you can even just link to one or two review sites.

Could you encourage a few negative comments – sure. But, if you are running a good business, you are more likely to get many more positive comments – free search engine marketing! I have a friend who wrote this blog about Ameriprise. It was a scenario where part of their service was not working – and he was still happy because of the positive customer service. He was even happier when Ameriprise posted a link to his blog on their Intranet and he had over 1000 page views the next day! But that example also shows how Ameriprise understands the value of these comments. I’ll repeat how I ended my last blog – use the power of your satisfied customers to turn around the old saying into a 21st century adage – a happy customer can tell 1000 people about their good experience! –S. Dag

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