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Online Privacy Issues Growing – Spotlight #222


  • The Justice Department wants information about 1.3 million people who visited an anti-Trump website earlier this year. 
  • You can now order food on Facebook and subscriptions on Google. We have other new online examples of industry disruptions.
  • The

Prime Day A Smash, Facebook to Sell Subscriptions


  • More than $1 billion in sales flooded Amazon on Prime Day.
  • Feel like booking a spa or salon appointment? Google will do that for you.
  • Amazon might fix your computer soon…in your home.

Good morning! It is July 17th, …

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    Net Neutrality Fight Returns, Facebook Wins Big In Privacy Suit

Net Neutrality Fight Returns, Facebook Wins Big In Privacy Suit


  • Net neutrality will take over the Internet this week. We explain.
  • Court ruling: Facebook (and others) can track you on other site
  • Zillow backs down in test of Consumer Review Fairness Act

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We told you in May about

Google Jobs, Amazon Wardrobe Disrupt More Industries


  • Google jobs, the search engine version, is real.
  • Amazon goes big in clothes. And shoes. Again.
  • Google stops scanning Gmail to place ads.

Mobile phone displays of Google Jobs

Google will now display job postings, including descriptions, from multiple job sites. The company is working …

Ecommerce Purchases Beyond Whole Foods |


  • Walmart answers Amazon’s ecommerce purchases
  • Google posting guidance on key mobile, speed issues
  • The secret printer code still published on all your documents

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You’ve probably read too many articles about Amazon buying Whole Foods by now. …