Hello, and welcome to my corner of the freelance internet. I’ve been writing and editing online content since 2002. In the shockingly large number of years since, I’ve written everything from movie reviews to SEO audits to descriptions of fish.

There are few universal truths on the internet, but one of them is that content is king. We’ve all become sophisticated netizens and expect websites to be accessible, informative, and interesting.

Writing quality web content takes practice, and I’ve done a lot of practicing. I learned long ago that my persnickety adherence to proper grammar not only annoys my children but also helps me create great web copy.

I’m still learning, and intend to continue doing so. The internet changes in the blink of an eye and sifting through trends to find the occasional gem of a new convention is fascinating and keeps my writing fresh.

I enjoy researching new topics and industries and meeting fantastic customers. The internet can be a truly magical place, filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, innovative small businesses, dedicated hobbyists, and so much more. It’s a pleasure to be part of their journeys.