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Tech website pocketnow experienced explosive growth from its origins reviewing digital assistants to a mobile and tablet hub with an international reputation. We were proud to work with them on search engine optimization (SEO) in 2009. But it was their call years later, having built a large editorial staff and ventured into video, that provided a bigger challenge.

After noting a steep and sudden decline in search engine traffic, founder Brandon Mimiman reached out to us again.


Discover what was causing search traffic to nosedive so that it could be fixed as quickly as possible, regain lost traffic, and see steady traffic increases again.


Multiple issues developed when the editorial staff had grown but SEO processes weren’t implemented. And the site’s large trove of content required daily attention as more was constantly added.


We eliminated 99.3% of search engine reported errors within 4 months. Search traffic grew 20% over the previous high. We also began monitoring the industry and providing content recommendations.

Indexed: # of Visitors by Year

Indexed: Errors Reported by Google

Indexed: Weekly Visitors to Cornerstone Content Pieces

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What We Did For pocketnow

  • SEO audit that uncovered 11 areas of focus
  • Worked with developers to address errors with technology.
  • Worked on individual content pieces when automated solutions weren’t possible.
  • Trained editorial staff on basics to avoid future problems.
  • Began content recommendation program based on industry coverage and search opportunities.

Website Analysis

Crawling the website, examining Google & Bing reports, and reviewing server logs.

Keyword Research

Identified high volume content opportunities that fit the editorial mission.


Trained remote staff on basic on-page SEO tactics to use in their writing.

YouTube Optimization

Worked with team to coordinate YouTube channel and website content.