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Moms Clean Air Force

Moms Clean Air Force is a project of the Environmental Defense Fund. We partnered with them in early 2012 shortly after their launch to leadĀ their SEO and advertising programs. Since then, we haveĀ optimized thousands of pieces of content and reached nearly 30 million people through online advertising.


Establishing a new advocacy brand with cost-effective and appropriate promotion.


A large presence on social media and ongoing new audience acquisition for the group’s content.


Built social media database of nearly a half-million individuals engaged with content that helps keep our messaging on target while creative ad targeting keeps costs low.

Facebook Audience Growth

434935 Social Media Database People

Advertising Management

What We Did For Moms Clean Air Force

SEO audits and ongoing search optimization for content-rich website.

Advertising management on Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, and others.

Create and manage incentive programs to drive engagement.

List acquisition campaigns to supplement purchases.

Event advertising for national, online, and local events.


Search optimization on content-rich site with nearly 3,000 unique content URLs.


We’ve reached more than 27 million people with ads in cost-effective, data-rich ways.

List Acquisition

We’ve run hundreds of campaigns delivering thousands of names, often at a cost well below market rates.

Data Analysis

Deep dives into analyzing audiences and message response is used to inform messaging.