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Sue Eckerle
SEO Sleuth & Editorial Director

Sue is an SEO sleuth who can tell you when to use the word “attorney” and when to use the word “lawyer” in your online writing.

She joined Silver Beacon in 2010 after working for an eBay subsidiary managing content producers. She also knows how to use the Track Changes function in word processing documents better than anyone we know and would be happy to edit that for you.

Sue manages all of our projects, is a fantastic keyword researcher and runs the websites we own in our network. Have you ever received a notice from Google that traffic is exploding on your site and you should be aware of the increase?  She has a collection of them.

And you know those articles you read about the new titles on Netflix or what to watch before Netflix removes it? Thousands of people read Sue’s newsletter about those comings-and-goings. That’s because she published one of the first widely-read articles on the topic back in 2010. Her special analysis–which no one has yet duplicated–have received millions of visits.


MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 Phone: 802.232.2667
 Email: sue@sbmteam.com
 Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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