Understanding social media marketing seems easy.

Tracking how much revenue social media generates for your organization is far more difficult.

Creating ongoing social media campaigns that consistently meet your goals is downright hard to do.

Social media profitability is more difficult to achieve in many ways than profit from search marketing or advertising.  Social media sites change more often and in more ways than search engines.  Few of these last three years and only a handful will celebrate their fifth anniversary.

social-fb-thumbs-up-wordcloudUnless your product is an app, your organization will not make its money on a social media site.  Instead, profit comes from using social media to generate some other activity or even send an Internet visitor to your site.  At Silver Beacon Marketing we use our experience managing pages and campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites to meet your organization’s goals.

We know that the proper goal is profit, not popularity.

Don’t let people who sell “likes” and “impressions” fool you.

Demand to see a model of how someone liking your page on Facebook generates more revenue.  When you partner with us, we’ll take the time to learn about you and develop creative ways to engage with people using social media to create more revenue for your organization.


Read our social media marketing and advertising case study at Moms Clean Air Force.  Learn how we helped an organization advertise on Facebook and Google while constantly tracking the profitability of the events, resources and advocacy our client provides.


Online is hard unless it's your only focus.

We pay attention to what's working and what's new so we can help guide you. Interested? Talk with us now.


 Marketing executive Rob Birgfeld has worked with media giants, ad agencies, Internet Yellow Pages, associations and healthcare organizations for more than 17 years.

Rob Birgfeld
Marketing Executive