Religion marketing requires belief and the willingness to engage in tasteful communication that sometimes resembles service instead of marketing.

We have front line experience helping churches create and improve web visibility while tastefully selling products on their website that generate revenue.  We’ve also helped private religious schools balance their messaging challenge to incorporate faith and education. And we’ve worked with faith-based psychotherapists for whom religion and healing merge to change lives.

Religion marketing isn’t always balancing on the blade of a sword. We’ve had fun selling alarm clocks with voice chips that read scripture and bringing a very progressive parish to online learning in a class where the students included clergy and the ages spanned five decades.

We believe all religious organization deserve a marketing organization that can blend joy and respect when creating messages for prospective members or long time parishioners. Silver Beacon Marketing succeeds where others sometimes miss the mark because we also believe and understand how mirth meets myrrh.

Our longest tenured customer is a small Presbyterian parish that faced challenges including a direct hit from Superstorm Sandy. None of us attend the church, but we helped build their online presence on their website and social media. We reported actionable metrics to them so their web volunteers engaged more parishioners. We even hosted their site for years on a very fast Amazon platform.

We are ecummenical to the extreme. Our COO was accepted into a pre-seminary program at 17 years old and completed a 4 year Education for Ministry program through the University of the South. But we are comfrotable celebrating Eid, attending a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or engaging with mainline Protestant churches about their missions.

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Entrepreneur Brandon Miniman's background includes 5 startups.  He is the co-founder of Themer, an Android app with more than one million downloads and the Chief Operating Officer of XDA-Developer, one of the most visited websites in the world.

Brandon Minniman
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