Please fire the person who tells you that the device is irrelevant when you are selling great content.

Two of us have publishing marketing and operations backgrounds going back decades.  We’ve done press checks in the middle of the night in little towns when a book was running late, and we’ve managed outdoor advertising as big as a billboard.  Along the way, we’ve been on the leadership teams of multiple companies that each had more than 100 catalog titles.

We all know that the Internet is different, starting with the flood of horribly edited vanity projects produced without hard costs and the different reading patterns for electronic devices.  Sure, the reading pattern on a computer screen is usually an F rather than the traditional Z.  But those patterns change with each different type of electronic device.

Even page numbers no longer matter.

Your title needs someone to tell a compelling story about your words, even if you are giving away your title for freeWe might even challenge you and say that the compelling story is more important if you are trying to place a free title.

Among the books and newsletters we’ve successfully marketed:


Online is hard unless it's your only focus.

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 Marketing executive Rob Birgfeld has worked with media giants, ad agencies, Internet Yellow Pages, associations and healthcare organizations for more than 17 years.

Rob Birgfeld
Marketing Executive