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Bing, Facebook Join Google in Advertising Cleanup

Silver Beacon Spotlight #199

10 Second Takeaway: Facebook implements advertiser education and requires that advertisers affirm housing and other ads are non-discriminatory. Bing, meanwhile, reports on their 2016 efforts to clean up bad advertising. We also have great news from …

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    Social Media Financials, New Tools & Privacy – SBM Spotlight 198

Social Media Financials, New Tools & Privacy – SBM Spotlight 198

10 Second Takeaway: We got a look at social media financials at¬†Facebook and Snapchat this week. Both are much bigger than expected. Facebook’s advertising revenue is up to $4.83 per user–up 30% year-over-year. And Snapchat’s user base is up

Google Search Competitors & Photo Filter App Warning

10 Second Takeaway: Half of all searches will be by voice or image within four years according to tech guru Mary Meeker. But there is a growing trend for alternative search sites that can’t be ignored either. Search is still …

New Digital Retail Trends – SBM Spotlight 195

10 Second Takeaway: Remember renting a video at Blockbuster? And remember how Netflix DVDs seemed a huge leap forward? Consumers now have many video streaming services to choose from. Blockbuster still had 1,500 stores as recently as six years ago. …

Privacy, Google Changes Start the Year – Spotlight 194

10 Second Takeaway: 2017 will be a year filled with change as we wrote before the holidays. We’ll start with big phone companies filing motions to take away consumer privacy protections. And over at Google, the first big change of …