We believe that the Internet can be a powerful tool for helping organizations make the world a better, more positive place in which to work and live. Nonprofit organizations are the heart of that positive energy. Nonprofit marketing is how we can help you harness that energy.

We work on all forms of nonprofit marketing–search engine optimization, Google advertising, analytics, and social media–because we believe that organizations dedicated to good make our world aware of challenges and solutions and become a tool for change.

Success is as unique to each organization as its mission. When we work together, your goals become our goals. Social responsibility and personal accountability are some of the measures we use to gauge our success as a company and the people who work there. We want to learn about your goals and talk about how we can help you achieve them. 

Nonprofit Marketing Requires Special Skills

Nonprofit organizations deal with volunteers, development, events, donors, and myriad other challenges to fund the change they want to make. Many of our clients don’t have a marketing department, relying on a person or two and a combination of Board members, volunteers, and in-kind corporate sponsors.

All have their reasons for being involved, and we know that success in the nonprofit world requires a coordinated, joint effort.

Our passion and strategy is putting Internet muscle behind the heavy lifting needed to run a successful organization well into the 21st century.

Imagine getting a report every day that tells you about the performance of your website, specifically tailored to your organization’s needs. And as you review that report, you’ll know that we are doing the same. Now imagine a weekly report that looks at all of the Internet places you value—Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and email – to track your progress toward your goals, see and celebrate your successes, and alter course if necessary. Our analysis will take you back as far as your data allows. We’ll go back five years if you have the data.

We have had the joy of working on these diverse projects:

  • Day services for adults with disabilities
  • Education and awareness about climate change and healthy air
  • Low cost and free healthcare clinic services
  • The International Children’s Festival at Wolf Trap National Performing Arts Park
  • High school student exchange programs for students in 70 countries
  • A large city symphony orchestra
  • A group working to find faster and better ways to combat world hunger
  • Programs for faith-based groups working on hunger and other social projects.

Finding the Right Nonprofit Marketing Partner

We knit together your industry knowledge with our marketing success to create a formidable online presence for your organization. We can also launch and run new programs like these as part of our single-cost services:

  • The Google Grant for Nonprofits
  • Donor and stakeholder databases that organize your data the way you want it
  • Revenue sharing when your supporters shop online
  • Unique programs we tailor for you to participate in Global Giving and Google’s One Today donation program

There are so many more that we could write a book. We will look at your organization and help you decide which are right for you. We are also mindful about competition for share of donations and volunteers. That is why we promise that we will never work with a competing organization while we work with you.

Marketing Prices, No Contracts, Nonprofit Discounts

We understand that your marketing dollars need to be efficiently spent. That’s why we offer single price services that cover everything your organization needs. Our program includes search engine marketing, advertising, social media, and analytics for a monthly fee of only $2,400.

We keep our client base small and our prices reasonable so that everyone can effectively budget. And we know that paying an hourly fee can make budgeting hard. Balance is important, and easier to achieve when nobody is worrying about how many hours each task will consume.

Let us know about your organization’s needs. We’ll bring the experience, expertise, and enthusiasm. 

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