Working with attorneys is a special challenge for marketers because of the stringent rules about what can be said regarding the firm and its services.  

Now read the entire testimonial below and ask yourself how well we have to help attorneys to receive those glowing remarks. If you’re in the legal field, think about how often you’ve been willing to say that about another firm.

And they’re not the only ones.

​Our firm hired Silver Beacon Marketing when we represented a small business that believed it had been taken advantage of by paying for online advertising services that had not been rendered.

The company’s servers were located overseas, and Silver Beacon communicated with the firm to obtain the web server’s activity logs that showed the activity on the website. With George Bounacos acting as an expert witness, Silver Beacon Marketing was able to demonstrate that the advertising visitors did not visit the business’ website as the other company had alleged.

We explained the issue to Mr. Bounacos and he immediately and expeditiously went to work on proving what we suspected was improper charges for work not done. Legal issues sometimes require immediate and new research. Silver Beacon Marketing handled each request we made and did so in a very timely manner.

We are extraordinary pleased with the work of Silver Beacon and George Bounacos and would have no hesitation about recommending them to another firm or hiring them again should the need arise. They were pleasant to deal with, knowledgeable, took the time to teach us the technology and as experts go, they are unsurpassed in turnaround time.
Michael Lieberman, DiMuroGinsberg

We’ve provided expert testimony for two firms.  We’ve built websites for firms and legal support companies.  We’ve advertised for IP, Slip and Fall, Family Law and some very niche specialties we can’t share.  We excel at legal marketing.

Advertising to and for attorneys is among the most highly competitive work in our field.  We know that Family Law costs soar at Valentine’s Day and that five global firms specializing in trademark run extremely local advertising that make it sound as though a couple of partners retired to a small city and hung a shingle near the coffee shop.  You have special tools that tell you about cases, manage your billings and help with research.  Your occupation requires creativity, copious research and fanatical attention to detail.

If you had the time, you would be great search marketers.  Since you don’t have that kind of time, let us take care of those details for you.


Online is hard unless it's your only focus.

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Entrepreneur Brandon Miniman's background includes 5 startups.  He is the co-founder of Themer, an Android app with more than one million downloads and the Chief Operating Officer of XDA-Developer, one of the most visited websites in the world.

Brandon Minniman
CEO, Pocketnow