If you have ever planned a wedding or large party, you know that coordinating the details of a large event is challenging.

Now imagine being the person who convinces strangers that they should attend the event, and maybe even pay money to do so.

You’ve just caught a glimpse of event marketing.  It is a gloriously fun and often trying task when a marketer coordinates the desires of their client along with those of the venue, the people appearing at the event and the whims of people who may not have even known about the event 10 seconds ago.

We love event marketing, especially for smaller organizations who are concerned that they may not be able to compete against bigger, better-funded events.  Among our work:

  • Social media promotion for children’s singer Raffi’s 2013 US tour
  • Online advertising and social media for the International Children’s Festival at Wolf Trap
  • “Lyrical Harvest”, a benefit concert featuring pianist Tony DeBlois
  • A world hunger event held at The Newseum and streamed all over the world
  • SPARC Rocks, a brunch concert to raise money for adults with disabilities
  • Classes and various conferences at venues ranging from a college on Long Island to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
  • Three seasons of advertising for the Reston Players theatre group in suburban Washington, D.C.

Great event marketing uses the best creative and data-centric thinking available.  Event organizers need a nimble agency partner like Silver Beacon that can quickly adapt to changing dates, venues and topics.

We review every client’s web performance every day.  We don’t rely on automated messages to tell us what is happening.  We look for ourselves, every data point, 365 days a year. Our daily attention to client data is part of our success story and one of the reasons why we choose to work with a limited number of organizations at any one time.

At Silver Beacon, we all know our clients and their projects. We believe that is how you want your online marketing handled.  We just happen to be one of those boutique agencies that follows through on the promise of superlative client service.


Online is hard unless it's your only focus.

We pay attention to what's working and what's new so we can help guide you. Interested? Talk with us now.


Entrepreneur Brandon Miniman's background includes 5 startups.  He is the co-founder of Themer, an Android app with more than one million downloads and the Chief Operating Officer of XDA-Developer, one of the most visited websites in the world.

Brandon Minniman
CEO, Pocketnow