We believe that organizations should write online with people as their audience, not search engines.  But we are not naive enough to ignore the rich data available to us through technology that shows us how people and search engines interact with your website.

Writing content for a screen–a computer screen, a table or even a phone–is very different than writing for the printed page.  We analyze exciting new data like eye-tracking studies that use lasers to show how people react to images, content style and text online.  We even use software that shows us where people stop scrolling on your website.

Your website visitors want content designed for them and will leave if you give them something else.  We provide human-friendly text, backed up by data, that lets us know which topics to write about for your audience.  We continually refine, style and even design based on people’s behavior.

Hiring Silver Beacon is like hiring an entire polling company plus writers.

Unless your site is a literary magazine or information-based site, your content is probably designed to engage visitors to buy something from your organization.

Our founder first created that kind of content in 1986 for two of the major companies selling computer access to consumers.  His work appeared on closed systems that cost users a fee for each minute of computer time. He continues monetizing online content and creating content for multiple sites nearly 30 years later.

You can tap his experience and that of the entire Silver Beacon team as part of a search and marketing plan or by hiring us to write the content for your marketing efforts–brochures, websites, even blogs and social media posts.

Read our Content Management case study that details how we helped a site with millions of monthly visitors find more topics to reach new visitors.


Online is hard unless it's your only focus.

We pay attention to what's working and what's new so we can help guide you. Interested? Talk with us now.


 Marketing executive Rob Birgfeld has worked with media giants, ad agencies, Internet Yellow Pages, associations and healthcare organizations for more than 17 years.

Rob Birgfeld
Marketing Executive