We understand what you know:  healing the human body is both science and art.

Working with psychotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and others who learn science and practice art, we became students of promoting an intensely personal experience.

Privacy, tact and empathy are necessary for any alternative health marketing.  The sensitivity a doctor brings to someone with an eating disorder or a psychotherapist brings to a family struggling with divorce is a delicate form of messaging that we do well.   We’ve even worked with a physician who created a practice to help heal her colleagues in a holistic manner.

We sign HIPAA agreements with clients and ensure complete privacy and discretion for all activities even though we never have access to a patient’s health record.

Psychotherapists and other alternative health healers seek us out because their fees are often not covered by insurance and they want to educate interested clients about the discipline they practice.  As with all clients, we invest significant time learning about the practice and the practitioner.  We are frequently asked to help create website or social media properties.  We learn how to write for the individual practice so that we can effectively introduce new clients to the possibilities of healing offered by alternative health care providers.

Our clients are healers, who offer their clients therapies in complementary and alternative medicines.  Silver Beacon Marketing offers them the ability to compete with larger, more established healthcare practices because properly optimized Internet properties such as websites, advertising or social media are as prominent and profitable as any other healthcare provider.

Call us at 802.232.2667 or use our simple, 1 minute contact form.  We would love to learn about how you practice healing and how we can work together to grow your practice’s online presence and profitability.


Online is hard unless it's your only focus.

We pay attention to what's working and what's new so we can help guide you. Interested? Talk with us now.


Dina Widlake is an education executive at a Fortune 500 firm. She specializes in instructional design and development.

Dina Widlake
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